Funny & Heart Wrenching Tales From a Florist in Training

It's Mother's Day Week at the shop! Thousands and thousands of flowers are coming in and out faster than you can say Kalanchoe! A final mini episode all about the days of the moms, gift giving and a reflection on what we've learned through this series. It's a sweet lil one.

In this episode, I explore and compare the workplaces of a flower shop and a funeral home after learning more about our old manager's new career path. I discuss how we handle grieving customers and how to bring light into dark situations. Its one of those classic: sounds sad, makes ya feel good ones, don't worry!

Ep 4- The Color Duel

Meet Mel and Nick! Mel is my sister and my favorite artist. She and Nick are a new couple! They're colorful, open minded people. We discuss the different meanings of color in their life and how they can appreciate and understand their differences...and of course, all the symbolic meanings of color in floral arrangements (it all connects, I swear).

Ep 3 - Bloom Bloom Pow

Hello! It's me! In this solo episode, prepare for me to melt your mind with some rapid fire crazy flower facts and a philosophical discussion centered around the metaphoric and symbolic weight humans have associated with different kinds of flowers. I also get deep in the history of the underdog superhero story that is...Bloomnation.

Ep 2-Delivery Doozies

Meet Chris! We talk the life of a delivery driver and share our weirdest, wackiest, most stressful and most heartwarming stories. 

The owners of my flower shop, Dana and Daniel, sit down to discuss running a small business and their favorite/hardest occasions and customers to design for!